Monochamus Alternatus Attractant

Monochamus Alternatus Attractant

Aggregation pheromone recombination, green and environmentally-friendly formula, efficient and volatile.
Product Number SY1 Series SY
Spec 100 ml Main Components Aggregation pheromone
Product Form Sustained-release bottle and Sustained-released bag

The SY series attractant product, consisting of aggregation pheromones extracted from

Monochamus Alternatus and plant source compound. It is easy to volatilize and diffuse, has a long-lasting medicinal effect, and covers a wide range. When used in conjunction with the trap, it efficiently traps Monochamus Alternatus, thereby monitoring their activity patterns and insect population density, and reducing the probability of pine trees infected with pine wilt disease.

This attractant is environmentally-friendly and does not induce natural enemies or other organisms.

Product Parameters


SY1 persistent type

SY2 long-acting type

SY3 ultra-long-acting type

Duration30 days

45 days

60 days

Spec100 ml

140 ml

180 ml