Repelling the Monochamus alternatus

According to the living habits of vector insects, a repellent has been developed using the principle of plant-derived insect repellent. It is mainly targeted at Monochamus alternatus adults and interferes with their feeding and oviposition reproduction in healthy pine trees, thereby avoiding the infection of the B. Xylophilus carried by Monochamus alternatus, reducing the transmission probability of B. Xylophilus and ensuring the healthy growth of pine forests.

  • Individual Protection of Famous Pine and Ancient Pine:

For pine trees that require key protection, hanging the Monochamus Alternatus Repellent in the center of the tree crown for the protection of famous pine and ancient pine.


  • Isolation Strip Protection of Key Scenic Spot:

Setting up insect repellent isolation zones through the multi-layer installation of the Monochamus Alternatus Repellent around the scenic area to protect the pine forest landscape within the area.